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PAO is a Python-based package for Adversarial Optimization. The goal of this package is to provide a general modeling and analysis capability for bilevel, trilevel and other multilevel optimization forms that express adversarial dynamics. PAO integrates two different modeling abstractions:

  1. Algebraic models extend the modeling concepts in the Pyomo algebraic modeling language to express problems with an intuitive algebraic syntax. Thus, we expect that this modeling abstraction will commonly be used by PAO end-users.
  2. Compact models express objective and constraints in a manner that is typically used to express the mathematical form of these problems (e.g. using vector and matrix data types). PAO defines custom Multilevel Problem Representations (MPRs) that simplify the implementation of solvers for bilevel, trilevel and other multilevel optimization problems.

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PAO Resources

PAO development is hosted at GitHub:

The OR-Fusion GitHub organization is used to coordinate installation of PAO with other OR-related capabilities:

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